Syllabi from my recent courses posted here.

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Global Migration

graduate: PSC 758 Klotz Spring 2019 [offered every 1-2 years]

undergrad: PSC469F2021[offered every 1-2 years]

International Law

undergrad: PSC352 Spring 2021[typically offered annually]

Intro to International Relations

undergrad: PSC124F2020 [not offered by me in AY2021-22]

Theories of International Relations

graduate: PSC 651 Klotz Fall 2021 [typically offered every third semester–plan ahead!]

Canadian Politics

undergrad: PSC 231 Klotz Fall 2018 [offered irregularly]

Qualitative Methods

grad: PSC 694 Klotz S2020 [typically offered by me every-other-year; scheduled for S22]